Top 5 Autumnal Experiences in Izola


Are you more of an explorer, a lover of recreational activities or perhaps a more laid-back appreciator of cultural heritage? Here are our top autumnal experiences and everything you need to know when deciding which one to try first. There's a secret tour guide, tales from prehistoric times, bike tours with the most beautiful views and... as the Istrians would say: "come and see"!

1.     The Forgotten Secret of Izola: explore the town centre in a truly memorable way

Fancy exploring Izola and having a really fun time? If you're up for a little action and have a taste for sightseeing, go on a hunt for the Forgotten Secret of Izola! This outdoor adventure game guides you through 11 puzzles with the help of a secret guide who gives you clues and reveals bits and pieces of his life through an app.

Starting and ending at the Izolana Museum – House of the Sea, the game will take about an hour and a half of your time and is suitable for all fun-seeking adventurers. Let it take you to the spots that you might miss on a typical visit to Izola!

Wondering what else is in store for you?

Izolana: Experience Izola as a Fishing Town

Once the timer in the game has run out and the mystery is solved, stop by the Izolana – House of the Sea Museum to learn about the town's fascinating past. In addition to a variety of ship models and a restored boat once owned by the Riba fishing company, there is also plenty of interactive content. Are you curious about the evolution of the former island of Izola into the peninsula it is today?

Visit Izolana to discover all of this and much more!

2.     Museum Detective: fun for your little ones

The guided interactive game Museum Detective is another adventure that can be experienced at Izolana – House of the Sea. If your children are between 7 and 12 years old, or if they can read and write and would like to be entertained (maybe while the parents go out for a meal), bring them to Izolana, where an animator will take them on a journey through riddles and stories of Bepi the fisherman. During the two hours of fun activities, they will explore the museum together, learn about Izola's best athletes, and rediscover the first map of Istria with cartographer Pietro Coppo.

After the fun activities, the riddles, and learning many new things, the children will take part in a creative workshop where they can create their own special souvenir of Izola.

3.     Kaštelir: fall in love with the spirit of the past in the Izola's countryside

From the city, we will take you to the countryside, to the village of Korte, which, in addition to its welcoming locals, exceptional cuisine, and breathtaking views, also features the Kašler Archaeological Park. Travel 5000 years into the past with a local guide or on your own and discover the picturesque natural landscape where the first inhabitants of Izola – the Histri people – once lived.

Kaštelir in Korte is a great destination for a day trip, a place to find peace and quiet, or a place where you can have an authentic prehistoric experience.

4.     Active experiences: exploring Slovenian Istria by bicycle

Autumn is the perfect season for hiking and cycling. Outdoorsy families, groups of friends, business partners, and all other cycling enthusiasts and recreational cyclists are welcome to join the guided cycling tours in Slovenian Istria.

You can travel with your own bike or with a rented e-bike and a guide. Depending on your wishes and abilities, the guide will take you to beautiful vistas, typical Istrian villages, sights and authentic Istrian flavours.

Naturally, this includes the ones served in a glass. If you're a wine enthusiast, we encourage you to opt for the Cycling along the Slovenian Istria Wine Route experience. 

5.     Culinary delights: treat yourself to the flavours of the sea and the countryside

To experience the beauty of Izola to the fullest, a visit to the local restaurants is a must. Add a little extra spice to your experience and choose your favourite from a wide range of typical Istrian flavours. "From the sea to your plate", as we like to say, is a guarantee of freshness served up by our fishermen, while the countryside will enchant you with its typical Istrian cuisine.

Perhaps you're in the mood for something you can eat by the spoonful, or are you more tempted by the exquisite truffle?


To find more ideas and tips for your trip, as well as a treasure trove of stories and secrets from our locals, click on this link.

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