Pier of tastes I


Location: Nord pier

Time: 11.00 am - 9.00 pm

Free entry

Pier of Tastes – Where Istrian flavors meet the sea

Once again, we will be enjoying the excellent cuisine of Slovenian Istria, including seafood and specialities of the Istrian countryside. Istrian winemakers will be there to make sure your plate of local delicacies is completed with exquisite wine. Local gin and craft beer lovers will also be in for a treat, and fans of sweets will be delighted with dessert masterpieces.

The crew of the Pier of Tastes includes...

A guest stand: Atelier Karim

Colorful and sweet! The perfect combination for the inaugural Pier of Tastes event this year during the Easter weekend. Esteemed pastry chef Karim Medjadi, a member of the judging trio on Masterchef Slovenia, will delight you with his exquisite confections. His passion for culinary arts and pastries has always been a part of him. He perfected his skills at Le Cordon Bleu, Paris' premier culinary academy. Stop by the Atelier Karim stand and experience the sweet delicacies that are sure to captivate your senses.

Restaurant Bujol

When Restaurant Bujol arrives at the pier, Alen brings along a whole team of assistants, creating their own mini-event around the grill. Bujol is synonymous with traditional Izola cuisine, where sardines reign supreme and you'll also discover other delightful seafood dishes on their menu. Their offerings at the Pier are always a pleasant surprise, accompanied by an abundance of joy. A visit to their stand or restaurant on Manzioli Square is an experience that delivers the simplicity and authenticity of local cuisine, infused with the scent of the sea.


Altroké: The aroma around their stand is always amazing! You'll spot them from a distance by their large pan, from which the scent of mussels wafts through the air. Speaking from personal experience, we strongly recommend stopping by as soon as possible because they are truly a must-try delicacy. Everyone is sure to adore "Nonna Lidija's tortellini," which, before gracing your plate, are bathed in a creamy cheese sauce within a massive wheel of Parmesan. For those who crave meat, the "Boškarin burger" (Boškarin = Istrian cattle) is a must-try delight.


We have a newcomer: Gamberin! Gamberin is a novelty and currently the only seafood street food place in Izola, located opposite Pietro Coppo Park. With a cozy, fisherman-inspired ambiance, it offers seafood delicacies sourced from local fishermen, which will also be available at the Pier of Tastes. Come and savor grilled or fried sardines, calamari, prawns, octopus salad, and other dishes inspired by the sea.


Gorki Chili

Gorki Chili, a newcomer at the Pier of Tastes, is ready to captivate guests with their array of hot sauces crafted from produce cultivated in Istrian soil. With locally grown chili peppers and spices, their sauces are sure to impress both novices and connoisseurs of spicy delights, making their stand the hottest spot on the Pier! And that's not all – this time, their sauces will be complemented by freshly baked pizzas featuring dough inspired by traditional Istrian recipes and topped with the finest, freshest ingredients.

Orange Wine Festival & Zaro Wines

The novices at the Pier of Tastes are not over yet – the group of winemakers from Izola is expanding! We have Vina Zaro with us; a delightful young team will present eco-certified wines with a long wine tradition. You will find them at the vibrant orange stand at the Pier of Tastes, where they will delight you with a glass of top-quality orange wines and invite you to visit the upcoming International Orange Wine Festival, taking place on April 26th in Izola.

Gin Brin

Gin Brin is crafted keeping in mind gin lovers who appreciate originality and exceptional flavours. Each bottled gin presents a distinct character, derived from carefully selected locally sourced ingredients and meticulous distillation. At Gin Brin, they believe in respecting tradition while openly exploring new dimensions of flavour.

Cultural and Tourist Association Šparžin

Cultural and Tourist Association Šparžin from Korte, together with Rozana, makes the best fritole in Istria. It's really hard to resist a serving of this crispy and warm Istrian dessert! They also prepare other home.made dishes for all those who are eager to taste the authentic Istrian flavors; bold, simple, but so very tasty. If you visit the members of the Cultural Association in Korte, they will also happily take you to the hillfort, which was once home to the Histri and is now and archaeological park in the midst of pristine nature.

Zvon Café

Zvon Café's stand is surely the sweetest spot, where sweet tooths can enjoy brightly colored macaroons, sophisticated desserts with a seasonal twist, and refreshing lemonade or playful bubble tea. You can also choose a package of sweets, which will surely delight your loved ones. You can also visit them in their café, located near Simon's Bay; they will serve you excellent coffee and other beverages, and will be happy to bake a cake to order.

Malija Cultural Association

Malija Cultural Association takes care of tradition and homely atmosphere at the Pier of Tastes. They will delight you with »spoon dishes«; bobiči, fennel minestrone, or another stew. Desserts from the home kitchen are a must, as are their speciality pies, which always include some wild plant from the unspoilt nature of the Istrian villages. In addition to typical dishes, they also flirt with the sea, often surprising with excellent sardines or fish stew.

Tartufi Di Kappa

Quality meat and exquisite tuna, accompanied by truffle slices, are a winning gourmet combination! Those who would rather avoid meat can opt for pasta with truffles or truffle products that you can incorporate in your home-cooked meals. The story of Di Kappa tartufi evolved from a 30-year love affair with truffles; at the age of 17, Dejan was the youngest truffle hunter, and in 2019, he merged his knowledge and experience into a family business.

Fogy tartufi

You probably didn't know that there's a Guiness record-holder among the regulars at the Pier. In 2015, Miran, who has been successfully creating the story of Fogy tartufi, found the heaviest white truffle in the world. Follow the scent until you reach a large bowl with delicious pasta and a heaping dose of truffles. Miran will enthusiastically tell you about his passion and you might take away a truffle specialty for your home cooking.

Limoni Šik

When you stop by the most colorful stand of the event, you will be delighted by a range of local liqueurs, including the best-selling Limoni Šik, made with unsprayed lemons from the sunny Amalfi coast, as well as Oranži, Meloni and Lubi. The family-run production was born from an initial love of lemon liqueur, with the first registered limoncello in Slovenia. Kristina and Luka will be happy to chat with you, and, if you're lucky, you might even get to meet the mysterious Madame Limonina…


Behind the name Biradiski is a group of craft beer enthusiasts and music lovers. Craft prioritizes quality over quantity, speaking of crafted rather than produced hop concoctions, with a personal touch of the brewer who independently works within the local environment. Because all of this aligns with our philosophy, Biradiski are frequent participants at the Pier of Tastes. Their passion for beer is intimately intertwined with music, so you'll encounter them at numerous events and festivals that offer a unique experience, distinct from the mainstream.

Memon prosciutto e vino cf

Memon prosciutto e vino cf brings together the love of high-quality prosciutto and wine in one place. Zoran's mission is to promote prosciutto of geographical origin, which he does successfully by professionally slicing prosciutto. With knife in hand and a big smile on his face, he demonstrates the abundance of flavors and heritage hidden in one slice of prosciutto. You can find him at events such as the Pier of Tates, but he also happily presents his skills at various private gatherings and parties.

Nori sushi

Nori sushi is for the adventurous! Sushi duo Paolina and Marinka bring freshness, and wild flavor and ingredient combinations. They have already surprised us with their Istrian sushi with sea bass and asparagus, and we never know what their hands will create next. They are true sushi masters. Their stand is perfect for those who just want to »nibble« a bit, but you can also call them when you're craving a bit of sushi at home.


Vina Božič

The tradition of Vina Božič dates back to 1902. Today, the Božič family skilfully uses the inherited knowledge of their ancestors to cultivate 30,000 vines spread over 10,000 hectares of land in a sustainable way. They mainly grow Refosco and Malvasia, but also indigenous varieties of Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and the old Istrian variety of Maločrn. You can also stop by their boutique shop in the centre of Izola, where you'll find many homemade delicacies such as oils, spreads, pickled olives, etc., available for tasting or for purchasing as authentic gifts.

Vina Markovič

Vina Markovič present themselves as wines with a view, to which we add: wine with a smile! The family vineyards are located on a sunny side of a hill, overlooking Izola from a beautiful location. If you visit them at their estate, where you are welcomed for a tour of the cellar and a tasting of olive oil and homemade cured meats, you will try their Malvasia, Refosco, Chardonnay and Yellow Muscat. Stop by their stand at the Pier of Tastes – besides excellent wine they also provide good mood.

Vina Brič

Vina Brič estate is located right on the Slovenian-Croatian border, above the Dragonja Landscape Park, and is involved in organic viticulture and winemaking. The wine cellar was built by architect Boris Podrecca and is considered one of the 100 most beautiful wineries in the world. You will be welcomed at the Pier by the cheerful Karlo, who will be happy to guide you through their wine story.

Sparkling Oysters

This business idea was conceived by three friends, who appear at the events under the name Sparkling oysters. They will convince you with a sophisticated combination of oysters with different toppings, and help you choose the right sparkling wine for your taste. They are the place to go for something fresh and different from the taste of the sea we are used to in Izola.

Together for a greener future

In Izola, we are following the guidelines of sustainability and sustainable tourism. That is why the Pier of Tastes is an environment-friendly event. All food will be served using paper or biodegradable materials, and the waste is going to be recycled.

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