What to do in Izola?


We like to say that Izola is the kingdom of fish, as its strong fishing tradition is still apparent today. For many visitors, this is their first contact with the Mediterranean. In addition to beautiful beaches, Izola can pamper you with excellent cuisine (especially seafood), which is incorporated into events and various experiences. What to do in the small town that was built on an island? Here are some tips.

Taste Istrian cuisine

The smell of seafood accompanies you as you explore the streets of Izola. It smells good in the countryside, too. When you come to Izola, a visit to one of the local eateries or restaurants is almost obligatory. We are proud to have two Michelin-awarded restaurants. You should also check if a culinary campaign is taking place at the time of your visit, or better still, plan your visit around the time of the street food event Pier of Tastes, where you can taste the best of Istria in one place.

Book your Izola experience

Would you like to experience a special way of exploring Izola? Scroll through the Izola experiences and book yours as soon as possible! You can choose among various adventures: fun on the water, cycling, exploring the town centre, culinary indulgence, and more. Gourmets, families, or those who desire an active getaway … anyone can find something to their taste. Here's the selection of the TOP 5 experiences in Izola:

1.      The Forgotten Secret of Izola, a fun interactive exploration of the town centre 

2.      Roman Tastes under the Stars, a culinary indulgence in the unique Archaeological Park 

3.      Sailing at sunset, a special trip along the Slovenian coast on board a sailing boat 

4.      Rowing through challenges, an active rowing challenge 

5.      Cycling experience in the Izola countryside, a guided cycling tour and exploration of countryside villages 


NEW GREEN EXPERIENCE will take you to explore the hinterland of Izola, more specifically the charming village of Korte, accompanied by a local. Find out what the locals have to offer in a 5-hour experience. You can join with your family members, friends, or colleagues and, in addition to discovering the cultural and natural treasures, you can also taste the local wines and enjoy an Istrian snack. Find out more about the Experience the countryside of Izola with a local.


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See the main attractions

It takes about 1 to 2 hours to see the main sights of the city centre. You can explore it in a fun way by playing the abovementioned Forgotten Secret of Izola adventure game, or going on a solo tour with a map in your hand or on your phone. In addition to observing the architectural beauty, do not miss stopping by Izolana – House of the Sea, where you will get a closer feel for the sea and the seaside atmosphere of Izola. You can continue your sightseeing outside the city centre, walking to the archaeological park in San Simon Bay. In the vicinity of the park, you can also see the restored fishing boat, Biser. You can also discover the evergreen parks of Izola, the Besenghi and Manzioli palaces, and two churches.

Follow this link for more tips on which sights to see.

Enjoy the beaches

Life by the sea is great: enjoying beautiful views and spectacular sunsets in all seasons, especially in summer. Beaches are perfect for relaxation. They are also a place where we recharge our bodies and minds. Izola boasts 8 diverse beaches, extending from the former coastal road between Koper and Izola to the Strunjan Landscape Park. Here you will find rocky, sandy beaches, wild beaches, beaches with plenty of shade, and even a dog beach.

Do you know all the beaches in Izola?

Get to know the Izola countryside

Only a stone's throw from Izola is its small but picturesque countryside. Walking paths, hiking trails, cycling routes, and a rich natural and cultural heritage will take you to a slightly more peaceful green world. A special feature of the Izola countryside is the Kašler archaeological park, where you can admire one of the most beautiful views of the Sečovlje saltpans while also learning about the life of the Histri who settled on the hill above the village 5,000 years ago. Another interesting feature is the water sources – preserved monuments of cultural heritage that were once the only fresh water source in the area. At Medljan Farm you can get to know autochthonous Istrian animals or saddle a horse. To make your trip even better, visit winemakers or olive producers, or stop in one of the restaurants when you get hungry.

Get some advice from the locals

We believe that locals are the best ambassadors and tour guides. Each year, they help us prepare special tips, reveal secrets, and introduce you to the lesser-known corners of the city and the countryside. How we feel in a place also depends on the friendliness of those who live there, doesn't it? Check out the unique tips revealed by our locals and get to know them better.

Read the tips and stories of the locals.

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