Days of Calamari


Calamari are without a doubt the tastiest cephalopods, and those from the Adriatic Sea actually fall in the same category as highest quality white fish.

Calamari are known throughout the world. They are eaten in the Mediterranean, the US, South Africa, Australia, Middle East and Asia. They are prepared in various ways – in the Mediterranean they are usually eaten fried, grilled (together with chard) or as part of a stew, mixed with a lot of Mediterranean herbs.

You will be able to witness culinary imagination of Izola’s caterers at work between 6 and 22 October.

When visiting one of Izola’s restaurants, the local caterers will pamper you with tasty dishes made from squid, featuring either a hint of traditionalism or a drop of modernity.

We will take care of everyone’s taste. Check the MENUS from our local restaurants and pick your favourite!

Healthy seafood

Squid are very high in easily digestible protein and contain vitamins B2, B3 and B12 as well as phosphorous, zinc, magnesium and potassium. They are also high in copper, which plays an important role in absorption and use of iron as well as red blood cell production.

When buying squid, you can buy them fresh or frozen. Regardless, you need to be careful that they are pearly white – their meat should never be yellowish. Eyes of fresh squid are black and, as with fresh fish, clear. Another important thing to note when buying squid is their smell – it should be gentle and not remind you of fish. You can use an entire squid – you can stuff them, cut them into rings or strips; you can also eat the tentacles and, as with cuttlefish, you can also use the ink.

The secret to soft calamari is in the time of their preparation. It can either be very short or very long.

Fresh and local

The restaurants participating in the culinary days are also part of the Kilometer Zero initiative, which aims to promote fresh ingredients from the local environment. The initiative obliges the restaurateurs to source at least 80 % of ingredients from the local area directly from the providers.

This method follows the guideline »From the sea (or in this case field) to the plate«, ensuring fresh and wholesome dishes and making a significant contribution to the support of local farmers.

Do you want to prepare the calamari at home? Check out the recipe prepared by chef Ivek from the restaurant "Restavracija hotela Marina".

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