Stuffed calamari with baccalà


Ingredients for 2 persons: 10 calamari, 200 g baccalà, 40 g bread, 60 g leek, 2 eggs, 0,5 dcl cooking cream, olive oil, salt, pepper

Calamari filling: fry ¾ of the thinly sliced leeks in olive oil, add the baccalà and the cubed bread and scramble the eggs. Allow the filling to cool and then stuff the calamari, finally piercing them with a toothpick. Then grill the stuffed calamari.

Sauce: remove the calamari from the pan and add the rest of the leek, fry it until golden, then pour the cream over and place the grilled calamari in it. Season with pepper and salt.

The sauce can also be made with tomato, but use onions instead of leek and tomato sauce instead of cream.

For the side dish, cook the polenta.

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