Days of local mussels


Mussels are the best-known and easily available seafood. They are most commonly prepared »à la busara« - the simplest mussel-based dish. At the Days of local mussels, you will have the chance to try other mussel dishes and get to know the creative minds of local chefs.

Are you already thinking about where to go on a culinary exploration?

Simple preparation

There are only a few guidelines to follow when buying and preparing mussels. The mussels should be still alive, with an unbroken and closed shell. There should not have mud or sand on them, while crab shells or smaller organisms are not a problem. In the case of farmed mussels, the place of cultivation, the cultivator, the cultivation number, and the date should be marked in a visible spot. Mussel suppliers for the restaurants participating in the Days of local mussels are Mytilus and Prosub, who ensure that only the freshest and tasty mussels make their way to kitchens.

The cultivation areas are in the Landscape parks of Sečovlje saltpans, Strunjan, and Debeli rtič.

Even those without any culinary knowledge can prepare mussels à la busara. You need just a few key ingredients. Dušan from restaurant Sonja has revealed some tips for cooking a delicious meal.

Take a look at the recipe and some suggestions.

Did you know that you should not stir the mussels while cooking? Only shake the pot instead. If you stir them, the meat often falls out of the shell.

Fresh and local

The restaurants participating in the culinary days are also part of the Kilometer Zero initiative, aiming to promote fresh ingredients from the local environment. The initiative obliges the restaurateurs to source at least 80 % of ingredients from the local area directly from the providers.

This method follows the guideline »From the sea (or in this case field) to the plate«, ensuring fresh and wholesome dishes and making a significant contribution to the support of local farmers.

You can also buy delicious crops from the Istrian land at the seasonal market »Ruba sz moje njive« (Stuff from my field).

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