Events in Izola you shouldn't miss


2024 will be filled with events and we’re sure that you’ll find some that suit your taste. Many events will revolve around food and wine, with sports and music also taking center stage.

Local food, wine, and other tasty treats

Gastronomy events add a special touch to your visit to Izola and Istria. After a series of fun winter events, mark your calendar for February 10th for the exceptional wine event – Refuscus Mundi. The international wine festival brings together wine makers from three countries, showcasing over 150 Refosco wines. During the carnival weekend from February 9th to 11th, Izola will be full of carnival masks and sweet treats.

As spring unfolds, indulge in the Days of Wild Asparagus from March 29th to April 14th in local restaurants and eateries. Easter Saturday, March 30th, the first Pier of Tastes will unite enthusiasts of Istrian food and wines, setting the stage for a series of open-air culinary events with a stunning sea view on May 4th, June 8th, September 21st, and October 19th.

Mark April 26th for another wine extravaganza – the Orange Wine Festival on Manzioli Square and in the adjacent palace, bringing together organic wine enthusiasts from around the world. In May, the aroma of mussels will fill the air as the Days of Local Mussels unfold from May 17th to June 2nd. Kick off the summer with the traditional Olives, Wine, and Fish Festival – a weekend of seafood, authenticity, mingling with the locals, and enjoying live music.

Summer festivities will reach their peak on August 23rd, as visitors from near and far gather in Izola for the Fishermen’s Festival – a weekend dedicated to celebrating the town’s rich fishing tradition. Immerse yourself in an abundance of seafood delicacies available at various venues, and savor the flavors of other Istrian dishes at the Pier of Tastes. The festivities will also feature two evenings of concerts, promising a lively atmosphere. Lonka will be the place to be for enthusiasts of pop music. Meanwhile, Veliki trg will be a dedicated space for those eager to revel in the sounds of rock music.

From 13 to 29 September, savor delicious calamari in selected restaurants and eateries in Izola during the Days of Calamari, followed by Days of Sardine the Queen until November 3rd. Raise a toast to St. Martin on November 9th with new wine, and conclude the culinary year with the Days of Cod from November 22nd to December 8th.

The year will wrap up with the winter cheer of the Ice Island, featuring a concert program and an ice-skating rink.

For sports enthusiasts

Each year, Izola hosts various traditional sporting events, adding a dynamic vibe to the city. Join as a competitor or a supporter to experience the unique atmosphere. The sporting season kicks off on March 17th with the Grand Prix of Slovenian Istria, celebrating its tenth anniversary. From March 27th to 31st, during the Easter holidays, the Izola Spring Cup international sailing regatta will take place.

On April 13th and 14th, runners will gather for the Istrian Marathon. October 13th and 14th will be dedicated to the Istrian Cycling Marathon, bringing together cycling enthusiasts. From November 1st to 3rd, the Obala Ultra Trail, an international running event, will unite Slovenian Istria, offering participants the region’s breathtaking views.

Let's not forget the music and concert enthusiasts. There are many music events in Izola and it's best to keep an eye on the calendar of events in Izola throughout the year – it's filling up fast!

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